Award Auction

Auction Rules, Terms, and Conditions

  • All buyers must sign in on our sign in sheet with your name, current address and phone number prior to start of the sale.
  • You view the contents of the storage from the door. Look only, do not touch any of the contents of the storage space. Please move out of the way as soon as you have looked so that others can look and the bidding can start.
  • You are bidding on the entire contents of the storage space and must remove everything from the space in the allotted time. Do not SELL or barter the contents of the unit until you have removed all contents from the facility.
  • All purchases are CASH only and sold “AS IS, WHERE IS, with no warranty or guarantees.
  • Some facilities require cleaning deposits. If you do not remove everything from the storage space and leave the space clean in the time allotted you will forfeit your deposit to the facility, if one was required, and you will be banned from attending future sales.
  • Sales tax will be charged on all sales unless you have a valid resale permit on file with us.
  • NO SMOKING or ALCOHOL is permitted on all the properties.
  • We will notify you if a request for photos or personal papers has been made.
  • Company dumpsters are not to be used by any buyer.
  • Buyer releases A Ward Auction and the storage facility from any and all liability that may occur while removing the contents of a storage space.
  • The facility has the right to withdraw a unit from the sale for any reason.
  • You are on private property when you attend a lien sale and will be asked to leave the property if you are abusive or disruptive
  • All sales are conducted by provision of the California Self Storage Facility Act.
  • Have fun and look for treasures!