Award Auction

Frequently Asked Questions

Show up 15 minutes prior at least, Sign in, and follow us! We’ll open the door so you can look, but you cannot go in or touch anything. Then the bidding will begin. Don’t be shy!! The winner will sign a form and usually pay immediately, which includes the winning amount, tax (if you don’t have a resale document), and deposit if required. You’ll then be given a set amount of time to completely empty the unit. If you left a deposit, it will be refunded after you have cleaned out the unit properly. And your treasure hunting begins!

Cash!! Cash only auction, nothing else will do.. Also a lock or locks, as you will need your own to secure your unit(s). Our “longtimers” typically bring a flashlight as some units are without light or have very little. Some bring a small 2 step ladder to see over the top of high stacked merchandise.

Tenants of delinquent storage units can pay up for their unit right up until auction time. It is a good idea to call the day before, or if possible, the morning of, to make sure an auction hasn’t been cancelled due to pay ups or otherwise. And check our schedule regularly as we post cancellations as soon as we are notified.

Whatever a person is willing to pay! That’s really the best answer we’ve got.

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