Award Auction

Our History

1986 thru 1992

Joe and his wife ran a self storage management company in California.  They managed over 20 self storage facilities and were responsible for hiring, firing, training managers and management personnel, as well as communicating facility needs and operations with the facility owners.  They also provided consulting services for new and prospective owners.


While managing a 2500+ storage facility in San Jose, Joe acquired his California Auctioneers License and started A Ward Auction.  Eventually, he had to give up his management position as his auction business had grown to a responsibility of full time devotion. 

1995 thru 2009

Jeff was an active buyer of storage units.  He became very familiar with THAT side of the auction business.  He knows the needs and wants of the buyers and how to professionally deal with people.


Jeff joins Joe’s team as a California bonded auctioneer. He is knowledgeable in Self Storage law and has become a well known & trusted auctioneer.


Joe and Jeff are well rounded in all areas of the storage business.  They attend seminars and meetings to keep abreast of self-storage law. They work with owners, managers and bidders to make auctions a simple and fun experience.